Borrow FAQs

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How do I join the library?

It is free to join 

Join in person at any library branch or join online
Proof of address in Victoria is required
All Victorian residents can join
Members under 18 years of age need signature of parent or guardian
Conditions of membership apply(PDF, 67KB)

Click here to join online

What can I borrow from the library?

How many items can I borrow?

70 items at a time


How long can I borrow items for?

3 weeks

Can I extend the due date?

Automatic renewal of Loans

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries will introduce automatic renewals from the 3rd July 2023 onward.
Loans will be automatically extended for a maximum of four additional loan periods. 

This means that on the due date, if: 

  • The items are not reserved by another library member
  • The items have not already been renewed four times

Your item will be automatically renewed for another three weeks. 

How do I know if an item hasn’t been automatically renewed? 

You can check your account via the library app or catalogue, call us, or visit the library and chat with staff. 

If you have email notices as your preference we will contact you by email to alert you to any item(s) that can’t be renewed so they can be returned for other members to borrow. 

You are unable to borrow more items until overdue loans are renewed or returned. 

Please do this without delay as overdue items impact other users of the library.

Click here to renew items via library catalogue


Can I have an item transferred from another Whitehorse Manningham Library branch?

Yes. You can login and reserve online via catalogue or library staff can do it for you

Click here to reserve items via library catalogue



Can I be added to the waiting list for an item which is on loan?

Yes. You can login and place a reservation via catalogue or library staff can do it for you

Click here to reserve items via library catalogue



What if I have lost my card?

Contact the library straight away
Replacement cards are available for $3.80
Proof of identity is required


What are the fees & charges?

Joining and borrowing is free but some fees and charges apply
Fees & Charges