About the library

Who we are

The Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation provides public library and information services to residents and visitors across the cities of Whitehorse and Manningham.

Through our network of 8 branch libraries and this website, we provide free access to physical and virtual resources that support lifelong learning and reading. We are Open for Discovery.  

Our Vision

A library open for all to discover a world of possibilities.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities that inspire our community to read, learn, connect and create.

Our Values


We acknowledge our diverse community and support equal access to services by all.


We are open, honest and accountable in the way we conduct our business.

Community Driven 

Our services and the way we deliver them are shaped by the needs and aspirations of our community.


Together we develop positive relationships and partnerships that strengthen our services and their impact.


We aim for excellence and strive to find new ways to improve how we work and deliver services.


Strategic Goals 2017 - 2021

 The Library Plan(PDF, 2MB) sets out the strategic goals for the library service over a four year period.

Key themes for the 2017 - 2021 planning period.

1. Read, Learn and Discover
Providing resources and programs that encourage life-long learning and reading for pleasure.

2. Connect, Collaborate and Participate
Our library provides opportunities for social connection and community engagement.

3. Experience
We strive for excellence in all aspects of our services to ensure a positive and responsible experience for all customers.

4. Value
We apply best practice principles to the way we work to ensure our services continue to be relevant and sustainable.