1000 Books Before School

Why read 1000 books before school?

Early literacy skills are essential building blocks for lifelong learning beyond primary and high school.The more books children hear, the better prepared they are when it is time for them to learn how to read. Research shows that children who are read to six or seven times a week have a literacy level almost a year ahead of children who are not read to at home. By reading to your child or sharing books with them for around 15 minutes each day, they get a head start and you will read around 1000 books over three years.

How 1000 books works

Every time you share a book together, mark or colour a space on your jungle journal. When you reach a milestone, bring the journal into the library and we’ll give you a special sticker! The program finishes when you reach 1000 books, or your child starts school.

  1. Register at any Whitehorse Manningham Library Branch. Your child needs to be a Whitehorse Manningham Library member to join.
  2. We will give you a 1000 books jungle journal to record each book.
  3. Mark or colour a footprint in the journal each time you read together with your child.
  4. Each time your reach a milestone in your journal, bring it to one of our branches for a special sticker.
  5. When you get to 1000 books, show us your journal for an extra special prize.

Every book Counts

Favourite picture book one thousand times?
One thousand different books?
Books heard at Pre School Story Time?
Big sister pointing out the pictures to her baby brother?
Reading with Nanna?
The dog-eared picture book in the doctor surgery waiting room?

They all count every time!

Register now!

Register at any Whitehorse Manningham Library Branch.

You need to be a Whitehorse Manningham Library member to join.